The Berning Undercurrent

The disturbing comments made by Bernie Sanders Field Organizer Kyle Jurek have been buzzing around the internet. The self proclaimed “anarcho-communist” has voiced his approval of re-education, gulags, and the wholesale murder of revolutionary resisters. As shocking as these ghastly affirmations may seem, they are but par for the course when it comes to collectivist ideologies.

The predominant rationale underlying calls for government redistribution is the belief that a central entity will allocate resources more favorably than individuals left to their own preferences. Within this belief is an implicit notion that human action will be less favorable without a coercive central entity to correct human error. So long as human action is perceived to be rectifiable through coercion, any human action that results in outcomes deemed unfavorable by the collectivist ideology will be prone for correction.

It is important to understand what this belief can be extended to. The repertoire of coercion can expand to any sort of violent act that may achieve the desired outcome. Collectivists with a strong ire for what they perceive to be damnable offenses may advocate brutal tactics to quell the undesirable behavior. Such tactics would not only be an extension of their preferred political methods but also for the sake of what they consider to be an optimal outcome. This tendency is heightened during high stakes political activity (U.S. Presidential Election) where there are incentives to magnify public issues to encourage support for a candidate. When the fundamental belief in coercively correcting human error is coupled with the magnified perception of human error, the derivative corrective measures will tend to be extreme in nature. Of course a person with the temperament of Kyle Jurek would advocate procedures like re-education, slaughter of counter-revolutionaries, and arson. Such actions are in line with the perceived gravity of the Sanders nomination and the ideological ramifications of the Sanders platform.

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  1. Great assessment and the undercurrents are well perceived we must achieve they a
    belief of intercession not the bury the thought but to process the intent.

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