The Unintended Consequences of Virtue Signaling

With each passing day the of doctrine “woke-ism” becomes more entrenched in daily life.

With Quaker Oats announcing their retirement of the “controversial” Aunt Jemima brand, Ben and Jerry’s promoting the “Defund the Police” crusade, North Face joining the boycott of Facebook in retaliation to their supposedly lackadaisical response to hate-speech, and countless other attention grabbing displays from “allys”, it is becoming nearly impossible to escape the pervasive laser focus on race relations.

Though the rationale used to justify these measures centers around a push towards “equality,” heavy handed approaches could spur a robust counter-culture.

With the constant bombardment of calls for pro-black activism and the increasing risks of becoming a pariah for not participating in woke culture, some people may vote against the leftist wokes out of pure spite.

There is already a term being thrown around right-wing circles (“silent-majority”) that describes an ever growing mass of Americans who, despite their silence, are alarmed at the direction of the country and are likely to vote for non-woke (red-pilled?) politicians during upcoming elections.

There is also a steady supply of vocal black conservatives who openly denounce woke-ism and its cronies. Larry Elder, Candace Owens, The Hodge Twins, Terrence K. Williams, and others have provided commentary that runs contrary to the dominant narrative commonly being espoused by racial interest groups and accommodating corporations.

Regardless of what criticism the black conservatives receive from the mainstream media pundits, recent developments such as Owens’ Blexit have proven capable of attracting minorities who resent leftist victimology rhetoric. The wokes constant assertions of “white privilege”, which is often perceived as belittling and a soft/passive expression of white supremacy, could drive scores of minorities into the conservative camp.

Perhaps the most self defeating rhetoric coming from the woke camp is the incessant call for a “conversation.” For years now, the mention of statistics regarding black on black crime, unarmed people shot by police, and prior offenses has been constantly deflected by the left.

The mention of crucial details about some of Black Lives Matter’s most highlighted incidents has also been suppressed. The fact that George Zimmerman was, as the woke crowd says, a “person of color” (Hispanic) or that multiple witnesses saw Darren Wilson act in self-defense has been and will likely continue to be ignored and regarded as irrelevant.

Without addressing facts directly and holistically, there can be no conversation rooted in truth, only one side pushing a narrative while the other side either grins and bears or turns a deaf ear.

If the wokes sincerely want to talk over solutions, they must be willing to thoroughly and honestly adhere to the circumstances that are present and develop ideas based on that information. If they do not address inconvenient facts, people who desire an honest and forthright conversation may be more inclined to side with groups who focus truth and logic, even if said groups are anti-woke.

Though the corporate campaigns and social developments are geared towards equality, the ham-fisted approaches and dismissive nature that so often accompanies the woke ideology may create a greater schism among Americans. Despite the rationale behind the woke side’s actions, if their current measures persist there will be even less unity than before which will make achieving whatever form of equality they seek far fetched.

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