Blacks Lynched Other Blacks?

Photo by Tamara Gore on Unsplash

There has been a lot of talk (mainly by the woke crowd) about having a conversation concerning race. While I have mentioned the reluctance of the woke to address narrative-contradicting truths, I believe it is best to use the call for dialogue as an opportunity to share facts and logic, hopefully expanding the scope of human knowledge in the process.

No matter how unflattering facts may be, their presence is unavoidable and manifested in the world. One may be able to change a narrative, but effects flowing from events that actually happened will take root regardless. If there is going to be any practical and applicable action regarding society, that action must adhere to facts lest it be ineffectual.

It is with that reasoning that I share my recent finding from a long journey down the internet research rabbit-hole: Blacks lynching other blacks.

I have yet to here about this situation from the media, public intellectuals, or academics.

The following pdf is a compilation of newspaper reports from the Library of Congress database detailing instances where blacks either lynched or attempted to lynch other blacks.

I highlighted the reports in bright yellow.

There is a longer list containing more near lynching incidents where blacks are reported to be the pro-lynching party. That list (which is featured on a blog that I do not endorse in any way) can be found here.

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