An Anti-Cancel Culture Message

With the Redskins hullabaloo, the Harper’s letter, the purge of politically incorrect evidence in academia, and other instances, Cancel Culture has been pressed into the spotlight as one of the most controversial issues of 2020.

Considering this, I offer my take in the form of my new spoken word “Cancel Culture.” Enjoy.

It started on the university campuses.
A culture departed with controversy
and suppressed narrative damages.
Contrarian sages were traded
for earfuls of lyrical miracles
whose lecture halls infused intellectual tribalism
to stifle individual intuition.
A division was formed ―
Those who took the oath sworn
to espouse the intelligentsia’s norms
were granted asylum from exiled truisms.
Safe spaces.
The protective oasis
for the chosen people of the administration.
No heterodoxy allowed.
No outside-the-box thinking to enshroud
The Fortress of Wokeness.
No danger to the academic echo chamber.
Those who expressed dissent,
who refused to repent
for attributed wrong doings of the past,
were cast out of favor,
branded as bigots, ignorant, and race traitors.
Subject to vilification, misrepresentation, and malign rants,
some begrudgingly complied and adopted silence,
some grew more defiant,
but others grew bitter
and became a fixture for the same fascism
that was mud slung against them.

In absentia lucis, Tenebrae vincunt.

With the Safe Space dwellers barricaded
by selective ignorance; over-serenaded
from confirmation bias promulgated
for good vibes and hegemonic guidance,
their minds molded to the unvalidated
theories and statistical analysis
told to them by their shepherds.
Lo and behold: The decline of critical thought,
mental rot inhibited inquisitiveness,
healthy skepticism regressed.
The Cerebral De-evolution was established.
What Sowell saw in Johnny became omnipresent:
Lost souls who confused thinking with feeling,
no one could tell them different.
They’d been led astray by faculty who preyed on
students’ yearning for higher earnings and enlightenment.
What they received was a frightening sentiment:
That the white man and his God
had success predetermined all along,
while all the others faced a whirlwind
of hurdles and systemic wrongs.
The former was commanded to denounce their privilege,
account for ancestral sacrilege,
and resound the doctrine of the leftist peerage.
The latter was urged to praise government programs,
place faith in identity politics slogans,
and embrace whatever culture their spokesperson told them to.
Academia spawned myrmidons of ideologies that reduced them to pawns.

In absentia lucis, Tenebrae vincunt.
O homines ad servitutem paratos

The oceans of woke devotion have broken through the walls of the ivory tower.
The brash waves of ire scour all it deems impure,
leaving every citizen to endure one sided jeremiads
fired at every -ism except the Marxist brand.
The critics and cynics don’t stand a chance avoiding the
bands of Microaggression hounds.
Entire careers torn down, antithetical evidence sent hell-bound,
monuments ripped from the ground
all for failing a moral litmus test
subjectively applied to demonize the West.
The politicians and their 4th estate couldn’t care less
about the commoners’ wellbeing,
only their ideological conformity for the financial security
of the state oligarchy.
Take a note from the Native Americans:
Diabetes, domestic beatings, deadly injuries, TB, poverty,
suicide, and sexual crimes all pale in comparison
to the names of sports teams. Change is need for Esteem,
not of the natives but the do-gooders
How many times were any of the tribe’s woes echoed
by the egalitarian utopia pushers?
The Natives’ plight is ephemeral,
they’re still looked upon as mascots by the white liberals.
Superficial cosmetic adjustments and extrajudicial censorship
don’t outstrip reality. Misaddressing the issues at hand will cause metastasis
and bring Hell on Earth.

In absentia lucis, Tenebrae vincunt.
O homines ad servitutem paratos
Alea iacta est

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