Sowell on Economic vs Political Decision Making [Video]

With the presidential election right around the corner, protests and riots stretching on for four months now, covid-19 fears abound, and social activists fervently bending any listening ear, it is a given that the general public (along with the eager,crusading politicians) will be clamoring for legislation to mitigate these undesirable contemporary occurrences.

Unfortunately, the limits and unintended consequences of legislation are seldom pondered. Even less so are the interpretations of outcomes brought on by legislation considered.

In a talk given to the Institution for World Capitalism in 1993, Thomas Sowell covered these issues from the prospective of economic decision making contrasted with political decision making. While the references may be outdated, the lesson to be derived from his speech are still applicable to the problems of 2020.

Photo by Roland Samuel on Unsplash

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  1. What a beautiful gem you unearthed finding this video John! Keep up the good work! I had either forgotten what he sounded like or maybe just listened to Dr. Sowell with a new set of ears, but goodness gracious, you and he sure do sound alike! Your ideas, common sense, and even speech patterns and laughs are EERILY similar! Keep going John!

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