A Pick-Me-Up for 9/11

The past 9 months have proven to be a very trying and disruptive time for many Americans. Wild fires blazing over a great part California, governors and mayors morphing into fuhrers and czars over night due to a foreign virus, riots in the name of those slayed by police brutality spurring more death and destruction than the cause of their inception, and the virulent political mudslinging raising hostility among fellow citizens appear to be the most demoralizing developments to occur in recent memory.

Such demoralization is reminiscent of the infamous 9/11 attack that occurred 19 years ago from today. The horrific scene of the twin towers burning, innocent men and women leaping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive, and the partial collapse of the pentagon only partially represents the overwhelming devastation that was rampant throughout the country (as practically anyone who lived through that ordeal will tell).

Given that the contemporary circumstances surrounding this year’s September 11th anniversary are bound to arouse a greater melancholic reaction than is normally accustomed, I’ve decided to share a 9/11 poem encapsulating a silver lining in the midst of one of America’s darkest days.

           Great and Terrible!

The 9/11 fate opened eyes with a new hate
and more than enough pain!

Some more than others,
and for some, even gain!

That day human heart had a mind of its own!

It was very cold and very destructive because
of its beholders throne!

It was a cause and time, for all to share a bond
and to see that from even a terrible demise!

How God can work mysteriously through turmoil
by bringing blessings in disguise!

The Partaking of all walks of life coming together!

And realizing the power in unity that would stand alone

The power of constant prayer from many people at
a time!

And to see how this would change things from
helpless, to an “Ax to grind!”

The thickness of the unbeliever and seeing it
go beyond the pale of all humanity!

The will of the opportunity to take advantage of
others, even in the worst of times!

The lingering fear that would cause some
to never again fly airlines!

That others may without thinking twice will find
themselves pointing at another needlessly!

The meaning of vulnerability, where hurt and
pain took no prisoners!

What harmony from all walks of life
did for the healing of the soul!

The ringing sound of freedom
that would never let us forget the price!

If there can be any gain from such pain!

Please know the sunshine follows the rain!

                                             —A. J. Lancaster

Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

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