The Brilliance of Warren G. Harding [VIDEO]

In modern times it has become a given for U.S. Presidents to actively expand the role of government into the affairs of citizens. In fact, the greatness of a president is often ranked heavily according to how much a president expanded government versus the actual effect of their policies.

This attitude is also exuded by both major presidential candidates. Trump’s “platinum plan” for blacks (which calls for a $500 billion investment), Biden’s promises to extend Obamacare, and the discussion of Covid relief are only brief examples of how the presidential race has been framed as a taxpayer funded gift giving contest.

Be that as it may, these contemporary sentiments have not phased the Mises Institute historian and podcaster Tom Woods. Woods, in a 2009 talk dubbed Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920, goes over the accomplishments of Warren G. Harding’s laissez-faire approach to the presidency.

*The kind words coming from a Rothbardian like Woods is really saying something.

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