The False Redemption of Medusa

Earlier this month, Manhattan, NY was gifted with a Luciano Garbati statue depicting Medusa (of Greek mythological fame) holding the severed head of her canon slayer Perseus.

The bastardization of lore was justified as “a symbol of triumph for victims of sexual assault,” according to the New York Times. Despite the noble intent, many among the targeted demographic are displeased by the statues Eurocentric appearance.

I give commentary with my new poem Garbati’s Medusa


It’s a sad state of affairs

When one refuses to bear…the burden

of historical record

The hard earned wisdom from our ancestors ignored

Our retrospective obscured 

For a pseudo-environment falsely secured 

To the distortion of canon

Stands a monument in Manhattan 

A bronze Medusa, who forewent her infamous glare

(Which stonified the best warriors to spare)

So she could single out Perseus’ flesh & bone head.

Now DanaĆ« will be bound to Ploydectes’ bed

While judge Athena and rapist Poseidon roam free on Mt Olympus

Gone is the vindicatory nature of Chrysaor and Pegasus

But this is the fruit born by zero sum justice

And for all the themes the statue attempts to propagate 

It would’ve paid to heed the ancients teachings on fate

As Medusa now stands stately for all the world to see 

Those she means to serve…still… persecute her due to her own beauty

*Poem can be downloaded here

Video image by Syaibatul Hamdi from Pixabay

Post image by nightowl from Pixabay

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