Fauci’s Fault

Dr. Fauci’s call for Americans to “do what they’re told” and suspend their “individual spirit” has ascended to the forefront of national attention. Though, considering the abysmal consequences of his recommendations along with his documented tendency to back track and double speak, it’s reasonable to be dubious about this input.

My new spoken word The Little Doctor Who Couldn’t (version 1) explores this situation.


Out of the shadows of uncertainty

arose a renowned immunologist, minted from Cornell University.

Lo and Behold: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The People’s Savior

From this “expert” came calls for economic shutdowns,

restrictions on people to be around,

and mandates for faces to be cloth bound.

For the health of the nation of course.

But with these measures came poverty and inhumanity,

child molestation, domestic abuse, and other forms of depravity,

yet, these problems did not curb the doctor’s vanity.

But why should it, he’s not a social scientist.

A media darling bolstered by his spats with the MAGA scene

his eyes locked on lighting up the mega screen,

roaming the interview circuit and posing for the big name magazines.

A man’s got to spread the message, right?

Though, for all his newfound fame,

past accolades and professional acclaim,

there was one thought the little doctor could not entertain.

The dichotomy between what is and what ought.

What CAN be done versus the desirability of what’s being sought.

If the glee of the grateful casts out the damnation of the distraught.

To all these concerns, Fauci has one answer: Do as you’re told.

Video photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

Blog post photo by Online Marketing on Unsplash

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