What About The Elderly?

With some elected officials deciding to cancel Thanksgiving (supposedly to protect the vulnerable population) it pays to be aware of what’s being sacrificed in the process. With that in mind, I present my new spoken word, Thanks Grieving


As the last leaf to drop in Autumn

sails to the ground,

the last page of life’s final chapter

turns for the country’s elders.

Their memoirs:

riddled with the horrors of war and terrorism,

stained from the spilled blood of their times most beloved leaders,

littered with the carnage of riots,

etched by the hardships of recession,

some embedded with tales of lynchings,

as well as the heartbreaks,

missed opportunities,

wasted time,

ill spoken words,

the what ifs, the what could’ve beens,

and all the regrets

that will get most us in our lives,

are now upended by family desertion

mandated by their government.

All the glitzy screens and high-quality audio in the world

cannot replace the warmth and comfort of humanity in the flesh.

The one thing, that has kept their world going

through all the misery, torment, and doom,

now stripped from them by those so-called public servants

who grandstand for all the world to see about keeping the elders safe

even if it leaves those vulnerable old souls wishing they were dead.

Photo in video by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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