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The IJohnoclast is my podcast where I give my straightforward and concise take on the most controversial issues appearing in the news.

The topics are handled with logical consistency, adherence to evidence, and references to sources of interesting facts and unique perspectives.

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The Other Problem with Fauci The IJohnoclast

While Dr. Fauci's tendency to backtrack and flip flop has been well noted, little attention has been paid to his enablers (fans). Merch ( ) Site ( ) The Little Doctor Who Couldn't ( ) IJohnoclast ep 20 (Here's Why People Don't Like Fauci) ( )
  1. The Other Problem with Fauci
  2. Poverty: Natural or Normal?
  3. More Political Theater About January 6th
  4. Here's Why People Don't Like Fauci
  5. A New Underclass